Foosball and Gun_Shot

Recent Apps already available: Foosball and Gun_Shot on iTunes for only $0.99 cents (US)…

foosball main

Click here to see the video on YouTube about Foosball. Is your country available on the map? Get you app FREE today!



16 Responses to “Foosball and Gun_Shot”

  1. hermanoqueiroz Says:

    I have recently submitted an minor fix/update to Apple store. A reviewer asked me to fire up the torpedo as soon as he pushes the red button… No problem! Have fun and thanks for the reviews.

  2. Gerry Wood Says:

    I just bought this game, i cannot find any instructions, as soon as I go to the screen a `shell` or `missile` smashes the radar.

    be gratefull for some help

    Thank you

    • hermanoqueiroz Says:

      Hi Gerry,

      There is a new version already available on iTunes (1.1). This version will take care of this “problem”. Actually, this entertainment/game is pretty much easy to play. There are two enemies (Red and Yellow dots). The Red you will find them anyway, but the yellow will be transformed in Red dots without previous alert, so be careful and fire up the torpedo as soon as the yellow changes the color to Red. I’m also working on scores and time… It’s coming soon. Thanks.


      • The Last C&C Fan Says:

        Oh man I didn’t know how great these games were. I’m sure some of my relatives will buy them.

  3. Thank you for the reply, i trust this will be an update? when will it be available. Thank you

  4. This application will not download from my computer to my ipod touch

  5. The Last C&C Fan Says:

    Super cool Hermano. Love the apps.

  6. i downloaded requotebv and the keyboard for giving my response does not show on the screen. please help

  7. yes, i downloaded from itunes to my ipod touch.

    • hermanoqueiroz Says:

      Humm… This is interesting! Let me try on mine and I will post the results soon. Thank You

      • hermanoqueiroz Says:

        I just tested using my brand new iPod that I got on a raffle recently (this summer) and works great. I didn’t find the problem. Please delete the version that you have and try to download via App Store application on your iPod and let me know the results. Thanks,
        My iPod has 8 Gb and the version that I’m running is 3.1.1 (7C145) and the model is MB528LL

  8. What version Bible is your memory game?



    I was just checking out your iPhone app in the App Store. Congrats, looks pretty good.

    Happy with your sales so far?

    I’ve been working with some app developers the last few months, and I’ve learned that there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to be really successful selling apps in iTunes. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you’re interested. Just let me know and I’ll send you a quick overview.

    Best of luck,
    Ed Turner

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