Glow Tour

I submitted today to the Apple Store some revisions for: Shuffle_Lite, Go Tigers! and Glow Tour.. Twitter and Facebook Connect now is available on Go Tigers! and others improvements and minor fix on Shuffle_Lite and Glow Tour. Enjoy it;)

… And Please don’t forget to review all these apps.

Please review the apps and help me improve the codes for you! Your comment is very important to me, and if you have an idea that you want to transform into an iPhone/iPod application, let us share the profit and reach the TOP 25.

I submitted yesterday another app to Apple Store, and I hope you will like it… It is called “Glow Tour“. It is about tourist places that you probably don’t know or have only seen the picture, or maybe you know but now, you will find it in a different way… YES! It is outlined in light glow with different colors and lots of fun. Hopefully we will get this available soon, and again it is ONLY, only $ 0.99 cents (US). Think about this, at this present moment, there are 9 different locations, and the database will be increased upon requests.

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