Budget Now is the new app for your finances.

Main ScreenScreenshot 2013.05.06 13.09.12

The Five (5) easy steps to get your budget in balance.

1 – The Income Screen is the place where you are going to inform all your source(s) of income. Although this screen is merely informative since it doesn’t use the data for any calculus, it’s important to know where the money is coming from, and where are you going to deposit.

Screenshot 2013.05.06 13.09.18Screenshot 2013.05.06 13.09.23

2 – The Bank Screen is the place where you are going to register all your finance institution and also inform your previous balance from each one of your existent account(s). You can have as many banks as you want, and there are three type of accounts available: Checking (current), Savings and Credit Card. The Acc number is a field that is only available for your to keep track of it.

3 – The Deposit/Payments Screen is the place where you are going to distribute (deposit) your money accordingly with your desire or the way that you have previously decided with your employer. For example: If you have money allocated for vacation on a savings account different from your checking (current) account. Also, if you have an extra cash that you want to cover an overdraft  account or pay your credit card.

Screenshot 2013.05.06 13.09.28

4 – Expense Screen. This screen is supposed to be used every time that you pay a bill, a meal, a tip whether you use your checking (current), savings, credit card or even cash. You MUST inform all your transaction(s) in this place in order to find out how much money you have in each account altogether in the existent banks previously informed.

5 – Balance Screen. You will see the updated available balance after making a transaction, or deposit. The result will be always your current balance!

I would like to ask that before you decide to critique or publish anything against this app, please submit your query, frustration, improvements or new inquiry to hjsqueiroz at gmail dot com. Thank You!!!

Every profit of any of my apps are always used for improvements.


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